Thursday, January 17, 2013

Google Nexus 7 could have surpassed sales of iPad in Japan

It seems that the scaremongering and negativity about the future of Apple is continuing. After reports say the company has had to reduce component orders to manufacture iPhone 5 due to lower than expected demand, has now appeared a report saying that a competitor has sold more tablets during the campaign year end in Japan that Apple itself even Apple launching new models just before the holidays (the iPad 4 and iPad mini).

ipad mini google nexus Nexus 7 de Google podría haber superado las ventas de iPad en Japón

The report on this subject has been published by research firm BCN and is based on a survey they have done about 2,400 people at electronics stores in Japan during the month of December 2012. According to their results, sales of Google Nexus 7 were higher than those of the iPad in Japan, something that has never happened since Apple introduced the original iPad in 2010.

"The Apple iPad was taken from his throne as king of the tablets in Japan during the season of year-end sales, yielding to its lower-priced competitor, the Google Nexus.

In December, sales of the Nexus of Google and manufactured by Asustek Computer Inc, achieved sales of 44.4% of the total. Data according to a survey of 2,400 people in electronic stores across the country according to research firm BCN Inc., published last Wednesday.

The number to beat for Google was 40.1%, so the iPad has been dethroned for the first time since he was released in May 2010. "

This is what has been published on the issue Nikkei, a popular publication on her Asian market.

Google could have sold more tablets in Japan during Christmas Apple

NCB's report cited the price difference between the Nexus 7 (its price starts at 19,800 yen, about $ 223), while the price of the iPad and the iPad Mini is 42,800 ($ 483) and 28,800 ($ 325) respectively as the reason for the success of Google product.

BCN also do not forget to indicate that there was a shortage of iPad mini in many stores during the time of the study, which probably helped cause Google to get the difference in market share. Still, the firm argues that believes that the price difference is the most important factor.

Either way, it's bad news for Apple to happen, but the fact is that there are still no official confirmation that this has occurred. Playing wait until the next presentation of results from Apple and Google to know what happened for sure.

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