Friday, January 25, 2013

Google has 5 apps in the top 10 most popular apps in 2012

apps visitadas 2012 Google tiene 5 apps dentro del top 10 de apps más visitadas en 2012

None of us can deny that Google applications are well developed. Some come without polishing app stores but still have a huge adoption rate among users, therefore, that Google has 5 applications within the top 10 most popular apps in 2012 for U.S. users.

In this paper include applications iOS and Android platform so do not be surprised to see Google Play, the app store that is included in the operating system Android.

A closer look at the graph, we can see that Facebook is the only application that addresses the difference of Google users with a fairly loose. From the second and reaching the sixth, Google dominates the market for popular applications with apps that manage their services.

In regard to Apple, it is present only in the table. Its applications often require a fee (except for a few that do not quite jell between users) and we only see the iTunes application on eighth place in the table.

Now that Google Maps is available on the App Store, maybe next year we will see a one-two exchanged.? Google Maps will displace to Facebook?

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