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Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013: Count damages and expectations (1/2)

Very good year estimated iPhoneFans, first of all take this humble space to thank all our readers and followers, was a year with lots of news, updates, releases and trying to follow in this space and I want to thank everyone for their support and fights .

Will the holidays, or weather (which is now partly cloudy or rain depending on where we read), but I've got a little reflective and would like to share with you what I believe was the news of the past year and what is waiting for this new year that Apple poses to be transcendent.

Recapitulating slightly

The arrival of iOS to the Mac: Mountain Lion

The year began realizing one of the predictions of @ Odysseus: the merger of iOS and MacOS. . In February we warned that the new OS from Macs would have a strong integration with iOS, adding several apps to the system and adding functions that were unique to iOS. Apps as reminders, calendar and iMessege (who replaced iChat) were integrated to MacOS and with the help of iCloud they could be seen and modified from a iDivice or Mac

Here is the "new" iPad

After months of speculation about features, names, and designs, Tim early March, along with the entire team cupertino, reveals the 3rd generation of its tablet the new iPad. With a new 4-core processor A5X, wireless 4G networks, incorporating staff attends IRIS, and a new retina display capable of playing full HD videos at 1080, this iPad incorporated all the improvements made to the iPhone 4S and ready to use the new iOS 5. This announcement left, as usual, obsolete the 1st generation iPad either by putting them in hardware design to keep the iPad 2.

"Untie thermonuclear war if necessary" Apple vs Samsung

It is no secret that Steve Jobs was really angry with the output of mobile operating system Google Android. Even recounted in his biography that he was willing to do anything to remove it and started a war against those who see Apple infringed one of its patents that were smallest. The strange thing is that Apple does not attack Google, but one of the strongest promoters of Android: Samsung. And let's be honest there are times when the
http://iphonefan.com/blog/2012/08/25/hablando-de-copias-samsung-presenta-experience/ "> Samsung creativity is not the best, making blatantly designs identical to Apple, well say if you want to be the best you have to follow the path of the best but I think Samsung took it very seriously. Well as expected earned some trials, others were lost but what else did stir was the verdict of a U.S. judge agreeing with Apple
http://iphonefan.com/blog/2012/08/24/samsung-vs-apple-% C2% A1el-winner-is-apple / "> and fining Samsung by 1.040 million for patent infringement in the Using the multi-touch screen, navigation through the phone (aka scroll) and the ability to zoom in photos (aka pinch). It was both the turmoil that a few days after the verdict was circulating a rumor that Samsung would Apple pay 1 cent coin to take into entertaining. This trial was the last and there are various claims and lawsuits around the world, which has made the relationship between Samsung and Apple are very fragile, which impacted on the search for new suppliers of components that Samsung makes for Apple. As a side note these fights have made companies like HTC and Microsoft reach a trade agreement with Apple to use certain patents and / or designs.

This is how it makes money: Apple's largest capitalization company in history

This year Apple was named the company with the largest capitalization in history leaving far behind their opponents reached a market capitalization of 632 000 million, to give an idea that is bigger than capitalizing Microsotf, Google, Facebook and Amazon together ( 631,000 million). Making conjunction with the announcement a few days ago where Apple had surpassed all companies in the value of their shares displacing Microsoft and Coca-Cola to the second and third.

iPhone iOS 5 and 6 make their appearance

In mid-September Apple announced the new iPhone model in its 6th year: the iPhone 5. Much was made ​​of his name, after the appearance of the new iPad is also speculated that the iPhone would change the sequence by calling the new iPhone, but that was the only aspect where rumors and leaks failed because everything else matched. With a new 4 "screen, maintaining its width but not length, design Apple presented familiar yet different from iPhone 4 with an aluminum casing on the back, new location of the headphone jack and a new connector lightning for syncing or charging, 4G network support, and of course much thinner and lighter than its predecessor. As usual with the arrival of the new iPhone was introduced the new iOS 6 (the last by Scott Forstall), with the integration of widgets in the notification center of Twitter and Facebook, Passbook application to save and buy tickets , FaceTime over the cellular network, the new concept in PhotoStream to share photos and comments, SIRI in Spanish and not as well made maps. This new system was finally terminated the relationship Apple - Google since ceased to be native two applications from the first iPhone native Maps and Youtube.

The arrival of the new members: iPad mini, new new iPad (?) And iPod Nano

I must admit that I refused to believe this rumor because it made ​​me almost impossible to be true, but Uncle Tim in October surprised us by announcing the iPad mini. With a resolution as the iPad 2 (no retina) in a 7 "screen, supports SIRI, A5 Chip (in short an iPad 2 but 7"), connector lightning, thinner edges to keep the ratio of the screen and not have to take a different Store, iPad mini I come with an advantage over its competitors, an AppStore full of ready to use applications without making any changes to existing, and its owners say is a iDivice worth having.

The part "rare" in this presentation was the presentation of a new, new iPad, now called iPad with retina display. I say strange because he had never seen a renewal or a tune so quickly iDivice, reactions were strong because many buyers of the new iPad felt cheated when seeing this new product, although personally not the 3rd generation iPad has nothing to envy the 4th generation iPad. New in this iPad is the addition of lightning and connector A6X new chip for added speed everything else remains unchanged, that is was a set-up with the connector lightning to actually replace the 30-pin connector.

This presentation also appeared the new iPod nano design, leaving behind the small watch-like design (literally), and giving way some sort nano iPod Touch but without support for iOS. With the aforementioned lightning connector, a larger screen, a start button, a new operating system iOS totally different made its appearance this new member of the iDivices.

Apps and other curiosities

Finally This post kilometric and not to leave out to almost anyone, this year saw the largest renovation of iTunes so far, completely changing your interface, and access menus in a while. This new design is closer to the design of the iOS AppStore and iTunes, completely leaving the sidebar and integrating new features like thumbnail view or to select the next song to play, and full integration of iCloud.

Another great release were the google app: Youtube (iPhone and iPad) and the long awaited Google Maps (iPhone only). These applications not received any updates in their designs since its launch with the iPhone, were more disenfranchised perjudiciadas your system output as native apps. Youtube was the first to arrive showing a more consistent interface with the system and with more options than the native, this only miss the ability to play in the background and hopefully come soon in an update. And the crown jewel Google Maps took her, because after the fiasco that was maps, most were expecting the launch of this application we return options like Street View, this app was also greatly benefit with a new cleaner inferface , and options that we would never see as turn by turn guidance from the APPLICATION.

This year we were also new models of Macs, the new MacBookPro with retina 15 "iTV and new model with output Full HD playback and a new Mac Mini.

Anyway it was a year full of new products, renewals, tune and a few drops (Ping, Scott Forstall and others). This next year looks to be even better, with new surprises and iPhoneFan devices for awhile.

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