Friday, January 4, 2013

G-Form records a new video to test your endurance extreme case for iPhone 5

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G-Form is a manufacturer known for making shields and covers for electronic devices that are able to withstand almost anything. We've seen hockey played with an iPhone 4, and iPad pulled from an impossible heights, and trampling the Apple tablet and always, the result was the same: the device worked perfectly and had no damage.

To promote his new case for iPhone 5, the G-form team has produced a video in which rise to an iPod Touch (yes, have put the iPod Touch into an iPhone case 5) up to 100,000 feet (over 30 miles high), until the balloon bursts and starts the free fall to the ground.

In the video you can see some of the decline although not resist the cold chamber properly and stopped recording the most interesting part. Some might think that this video is a fake but seeing that everyone who has done so far are not, this is not going to tarnish the reputation of this company.

The secret protects both the sheath lies in the use of a proprietary material which is capable of absorbing 90% of the force created by an impact.

If the video impressed you and you want to get a G-Form Xtreme for iPhone 5, you can pay $ 40 and choose one of five color combinations that are available. Furthermore, the design have improved a lot and have managed to create a pretty cover lighter and less bulky than in the past.

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Link - G-Form Extreme for iPhone 5

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