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FlightTrack Pro, a must if you fly often

flighttrackpro FlightTrack Pro, imprescindible si vuelas a menudo

Airplanes are one of those wonders of the modern era that allow us to go to the other side of the globe in less than a day ... as long as we catch the plane and there is no problem. And to be fully informed and with potential delays expected nothing better than FlightTrack Pro, I say this from experience.

First Steps

FlightTrack Pro is an application that serves absolutely nothing if you do not travel, and I think it's better to say it in time. It's not like having a touch FlightBoard curious, here or use it when you are flying or ornament. But if you are someone flying frecuentement and this application is a safe investment because it will allow you access to every imaginable detail of your flight.

The first thing we are to start the application is the screen we have added flights and the ability to add one. Facilities are high because we can do so using three different possibilities: the flight number that is assigned to the operator, the itinerary that will make the plane, indicating the airline, and also by FlightBoard airport, an option that touch us pay more and do not deserve punishment too.

Everything you need

Once we add the flight with all the information that we will be good: departure times in local time scales-if any-and flight number in full. But the interesting thing comes when we get into the details of a flight, because here we have information that is going to be very useful.

flighttrackpro1 FlightTrack Pro, imprescindible si vuelas a menudo

We have four buttons at the bottom to reveal four key functions:

  • Flight information: Aircraft we take, accession number, time and the state in which we can see if there are delays planned
  • Timetable: we can see the flight schedule in more detail, but best of all is to see the historical prediction of delays on that route, we can be really helpful to know if we arrive on time.
  • Route: here we can see the paths or are going to do on the plane.
  • More information: maps of the terminal, the ability to call the flight attendant, alternative routes and alerts about what happens.

In short, this is the most complete of all the App Store to manage our flights, that there is no doubt.

302325893 FlightTrack Pro, imprescindible si vuelas a menudo FlightTrack Pro - Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata
Developer: Ben Kazez
Price: 8.99 euros (Download application)

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