Saturday, January 5, 2013

First concept iPhone 6

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The Italian designer Federico Ciccarese has done it again: everyone comes forward and tells us his first concepts of the next iPhone. Previously, we have shown Ciccarese his vision of what could be the iPhone 5 or Apple TV. Now echoes the first rumors about the upcoming Apple smartphone and presents a risky idea.

As you can see by the video images, the artist committed to a radical redesign of the phone, giving more prominence to the screen and removing the home button. Recently there remain other elements, such as the headphone jack located at the bottom of the device, the connector lightning and volume buttons.

Another big change we see in the video is made ​​in the operating system, dubbed by Italian iOSX. It is a combination of software for Macs and iOS. As you see, it gives greater prominence to the interface and design landscape of application icons changed. An idea is not so farfetched considering that this year we can expect a facelift iOS, following the dismissal of Scott Forstall, father of the operating system.

Federico Ciccarese has opted this time for an iPhone 6 instead of a probable iPhone 5s.

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Source- Ciccarese Design

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