Sunday, January 13, 2013

Find your iPhone or keychain with hipKey, the new proximity alarm and motion

The CES this year is proving complete with iOS devices compatible products. Now is the turn of a small device shaped almost crescent we avoid losing our iPhone or our keys and even warn us if our son too far from us.

hipKey Perspective Laying

This device connects hipKey our iPhone via Bluetooth 4, ie especially economize battery autonomy lasts 2 to 4 weeks.

It will function as a small tracker, making our device hipKey and notify us that they are moving away. For example if we have the hipKey on a keychain and leave us the phone on the table when leaving a restaurant, or vice versa, warning us that we let the keychain when we left. The only requirement for use is to download the official app from the App Store hipKey by which we can set the distance (2-50 meters) and alarms we want.

These are the warning modes offered:

  • Alarm Mode / child : Warns us that we are moving away from our iPhone / keychain or the child is moving away.
  • Motion mode : IPhone hipKey warns us that is moving (useful if we steal your purse or backpack, for example).
  • Find me : We will find our iPhone or keys with sound.

It costs € 84.95 and is also comparible with iPad and iPod Touch.

Although we must keep in mind that nothing is an "innovative", and that for several years can acquire the ZOMM, which amounts to almost the same, with several additions, including the option to use hands-free, as alarm personal or emergency calls without using the phone. If you want to check you can read the review we did from here .

What do you think of the proposal?

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