Monday, January 7, 2013

Facebook unveils its usage statistics from mobiles

A month ago, paying attention to a curious fact. Apparently, Facebook was responsible for forcing their employees to change their iPhone for other Android mobile mounted. Apparently, the Google mobile operating system would always queue iOS, and the most popular social network in the world had to contribute to the roles were reversed.

facebook desvela uso moviles 1 Facebook desvela sus estadísticas de uso desde móviles

According to recent data, this movement is not random and can be well on track. The analyst Benedict Evans of Enders consultancy, recently published data using Facebook from mobile devices, revealing that Android users outweigh iOS users.

facebook desvela uso moviles 2 Facebook desvela sus estadísticas de uso desde móviles

Specifically, the number of mobile users of Facebook in Android amounts to 192 million, 45 million more than in iOS. A year and a bit, in September 2011, the Android Facebook users were just over 60 million, 91 million iOS. That is, Google's mobile operating system has tripled the use of the social network, while in the terminals Apple has not even managed to bend the figure.

However, the rate of penetration of Facebook in iPhone is quite high, with 73.5 percent. However, Android only 35 percent of users have installed the application on the social network. Recall that all these data are from a couple of months, so we may see significant changes in the statistics when more people install iOS 6 in its terminals.

What do you think of this data? Do they represent the beginning of a paradigm shift in terms of market leadership in mobile operating systems?

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