Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eighth day of gifts iTunes: iBook Geronimo Stilton

The gift of today is a well-known character iBook Geronimo Stilton, with the title "A wonderful world for Oliver." This is a book of children's literature that children will undoubtedly enjoy.

stilton 2

Stilton, known for narrating the adventures of Oliver mouse, will explain comic adventures endless present in which new characters and will delve into a new world for Oliver, a world of fantasy and illusion that will capture the attention of children.

And although it is not a gift for adults or not entirely to our liking (which surely think more than one), the fact is that the little ones tend to like this oddball and entertained with her ​​adventures. Moreover, as explained in the description:

A special book that celebrates physical disabilities values ​​of solidarity, equality, trust and camaraderie between friends ...

Personally recommended.

Geronimo Stilton: "A wonderful world to Oliver"

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