Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drawer Lock Screen: new concept for the lock screen

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The truth is that we do not stop a few weeks concepts appear to iOS 7, it seems that users are wanting to change or wanting to leave the jailbreak to make any changes to the closed system we have in our phones. From concept to control settings such SBSettings quickly from the lock screen or from the multitasking designer concepts Auxo like DND mode by sliding the center or the same Auxo Notifications, which quickly appeared in Cydia for enjoyment users with older devices and jailbreak.

Now comes Drawer Lock Screen, concept of toggles to quickly turn on and off WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, Internet Sharing, etc.. This integrated SBSettings would be at the lock screen, and display it would just slide the clock down. Also work when notifications, moving them down.

The truth is that it is a very "Android" as the last we have seen, it is unlikely that Apple will ever be as open, want full control there is no wastage in the performance of our devices in exchange for not being able modify almost anything.

I'm sure Drawer Lock Screen, as Auxo, coming soon in the Cydia store, I hope that in addition to the lock screen can be added as a widget in the Notifications Center, then it will be perfect. In that case the question among SBSettings, NCSettings and Drawer Lock Screen would be great, do you Which would you choose?

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