Thursday, January 31, 2013

Does the iPad is to create or consume content?

Today we will ask a question that is not new. It is behind the old argument between those who think the iPad is an incomplete product, which only applies to consume content, and those who think they can also be used to shape our creativity.

Does the iPad is to create or consume content?

Clearly, there is nothing like a good computer to create new things in the digital world. Precision of a keyboard and mouse, the breadth of your screen or the variety of applications built for the professional sector are some of the determining factors. Against this, it is difficult for a tablet to compete on equal terms.

By now no doubt that the iPad in any version an ideal instrument to consume all types of content from multimedia or otherwise. However, when creating this content when the apple tablet finds his biggest detractors. Personally, I think the lack of a large tablet to unleash the imagination is the absence of a system to have a couple of applications simultaneously on the same screen.

ipad contenido ¿El iPad es para Crear o para Consumir Contenidos?

It is very difficult to find information on the Internet for work yet to write it, if we have to keep changing application every few minutes. So to make a sketch of something we have emailed, or to record accurate data on the calendar from a message that they sent.

Can you imagine that the next version of iOS apps lets put some split screen? How would you improve your productivity with the iPad?

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