Friday, January 4, 2013

Denied rumors Waze purchase by Apple

waze Desmentidos los rumores de compra de Waze por parte de Apple

A couple of days ago we mentioned the rumor that Apple may have been negotiating with the Israeli company Waze to acquire and thus improve your maps. Not the first time you pick up a rumor like this, because in the rumor mill has also been heard that Apple could buy TomTom. All that Apple may invest to improve their maps is little now.

True, Waze and Apple have worked together to improve the iOS Maps 6 and it is also true that the directors of both companies have met on more than one occasion in recent months. Maybe even a conversation arose about the possibility of acquiring Waze, but things never came to fruition.

So say these days of Techcrunch website , citing several sources familiar with the matter and working in Waze. Rumors are therefore denied: Apple has no plans to acquire Waze now or in the near future. It would be unusual for the California company bet on a start-up, instead of by a company and consolidated.

Will the same with TomTom and Foursquare? So far we have not heard anything about it, so it's possible.

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