Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cydia present in over 22 million devices in the last two months

The world of jailbreak is still on iOS devices. While it is true that because of the difficulties they are finding those who spend their time trying to send us a jailbreak for the latest versions of iOS use may have decreased, there are still many users who prefer not to update the device software ( or the device itself) in order to preserve the potential of Cydia and its multitude of tweaks installable.


In the next post we will see to what extent the jailbreak is present in each of the devices that carry iOS operating system, where data are observed that show the decline in popularity of the "dark side" due to many factors, including may be closing Installous from Hackulous or difficulties of a jailbreak for the latest versions of iOS 6, among others.

First of all, for those users who are not familiar with the subject, remember that the primary intent is to provide software Cydia and other changes that are not available in the App Store for jailbreak users. Works across repositories (repo s) that are added by the user.

In response to an analysis conducted by the creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman (aka Saurik ) are 22,780,029 million devices that have software installed in the last two months. This number not only exposes no more, but we do get the percentage for each of the terminals iOS, showing the following bar chart:

dispositivos Cydia en los últimos dos meses

In the chart we can see the highest percentages in terms of the presence of Cydia to total terminals are jailbreak on iPhone 4 and 4S. In turn, the iPone 3GS iPad 2 and also have a discreet presence marginally significant.

You can put on the table a number of reasons why this decline in the popularity of Cydia and all options granted to the user and the device in terms of its potential squeeze, but surely everyone has in mind primarily two.

The difficulties they are having in terms current operating system (iOS 6) for the latest models of Apple from those who have taken the initiative to create versions that break barriers jailbreak vulnerability Cupertino is undoubtedly a cause Cydia is present in both iPhone 5 and the new iPad, and users who have iPhone 4, 4S or iPad 2 that have been installed with iOS 5 for not wanting to lose the potential of the software created by Freeman.

Another cause of the decline in the presence of Cydia on devices can attend the closing Installous from Hackulous , who was the dark side of the App Store and the bane of all developers, from which you could download free any cost any application present in the official Apple Store. Thus, the reason for many users to switch your device to the dark side was cut short, having to "checkout" from now on when they want a new application for your device.

And you, what do you think can be the causes of this diminished popularity and presence in the terminals Cydia?

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