Friday, January 25, 2013

Cycloramic is updated to version 2.0 adding the automatic capture panoramic photos

A few hours ago has released a long-awaited update. While both our i Phone 4S as the iPhone 5 have the ability to make panoramic photos natively and fully integrated with the operating system still does not allow transfer that fantastic possibility as to capture video in widescreen mode.


For them, one of the applications on the App Store, Cycloramic, enables the user to make videos in widescreen and also virtually without holding the phone, which performs this function through integrated settings in the application itself.

Such was the response from users as to positive reviews about it, who came clamoring for inclusion in the application to add to the video capture under this mode, perform the same effect on Snapshot. Well, the developer Egos Ventures has done its homework and has released a few hours ago the long awaited update, including the novelty described above.

With two capture modes (speakerphone and guidance), the application is a true wonder, because you only have to watch the video that we show below to enjoy the fantastic action that runs our favorite smartphone.

Do not miss this opportunity and, while you are in possession of an iPhone 4S / 5, for just a few cents will have the option to make panoramic videos and also has exclusive developments offered by the application, such as the work of capture, stabilization and rotation of the device will perform the same.

Cycloramic 2.0 is available in the App Store at a price of € 0.89, valid for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but requires at least iOS 6.0 to run. Here's the link to the application:

Cycloramic 2.0

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