Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Currently there are nearly 23 million jailbroken iPhones

Cydia Actualmente hay casi 23 millones de iPhones con Jailbreak

If two days ago we told you that pod2g and Planetbeing had found two new vulnerabilities for Jailbreak iOS 6 in just a day's work, virtually assuring the jailbreak of iOS 6.1, today we have some data on the number of iPhones that are jailbroken worldwide.

Saurik, the creator of Cydia, has released some statistics that you see in the picture that heads this post, it shows the percentage of each model of iPhone Cydia has browsed in the past two months, as you can see what more abundant are the iPhone 4 and 3GS, it is clear that because they have a hardware exploit that makes the jailbreak is always available in any iOS.

In total there are currently 22,780,029 devices with Cydia installed, counting iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. An absolutely insignificant figure, to give you an idea each month Apple sells about 10 million iPhones (iPhones only), so the figure of 23 million is a very small percentage as we have always said, about 2% of users make jailbreak, maybe less. Clearly, when you leave the jailbreak of iOS 6 will be many new users in Cydia, all we have new iPhones or iPads May 4 we have never been able to jailbreak. Still can rebut the typical comments that always read arguing that Apple stops selling because there is no jailbreak devices. Apple was "do not care" we have four cats jailbreak, close security holes and to defend the developers and users, but these figures can not be said that the jailbreak influences the sale of iPhones or iPads.

Anyway most frequented news that we're big fans of iPhone jailbreak, and we look forward to appear, so we can only hope, if we ignore minority or majority and enjoy our iPhones modified to our liking. It is less.

More information - and Planetbeing pod2g found two new vulnerabilities for Jailbreak iOS 6

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