Thursday, January 3, 2013

Corning Gorilla Glass will present at CES 2013 3

 Corning presentarĂ¡ el Gorilla Glass 3 en el CES 2013

Last year, Corning introduced at CES 2012 its evolving Gorilla Glass, a glass treated to improve their properties against scratches and certain mechanical forces. Thanks to this, Apple and other brands use this product to make their touchpads.

Gorilla Glass 2 was able to reduce the thickness by 20% without this compromising its strength. The third edition of this material to be presented at the CES technology fair 2013, will further improve performance. Specifically, there is talk of an improvement at the molecular level and the addition of a feature called Native Damage Resistance (NDR) that prevents the occurrence of defects, scratches and retains its strength.

Because of this, three triples Gorilla Glass scratch resistance and reduces by 40% the number of visible scratches. It also retains more satisfactory properties after suffering a mishap.

Hopefully like last year, Corning made ​​a video demonstration of what promises Gorilla Glass 3. Of course, we hope that Apple and other companies to adopt it seeing the good results that have so far the two previous generations of this material.

Below is the recording of the show to introduce Gorilla Glass 2 last year:

Click here to watch video

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Source - MacRumors

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