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Configuring Gmail on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

As of January 30, 2013 Google will no longer allow new mail accounts set up Gmail on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using Google Sync (their implementation of Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol fantastic). While it is true that existing accounts can continue to use the next time you want to add a new Gmail account to your device, you must use the IMAP service from Google, which works well with Apple's Mail application and allows unified inbox with other Gmail accounts not. Another option is to use separate Gmail application, available in the App Store, but, although the application is great, the integration will not be the same.

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How to configure Gmail in Google's Gmail application

Google's Gmail application is excellent, supporting both push mail settings like multiple accounts, and taking all the unique features of Gmail, such as labels or stars. Even you can have easy access to other options such as Out of Office. If you only use Gmail for email, is undoubtedly the best choice you can find. If you use several email providers and do not mind having access to them through different applications, it is also a great option. Unfortunately, as you know, can not be set as third party applications on iOS default, so you probably have gone configuring the account in Apple's Mail application, if only for convenience.

Still, we are going to take steps to set up new accounts in the Gmail application from Google:

1. Download the Gmail app from the App Store.

2. Click "Open" when the download is complete. If you were back at the home screen, tap the Gmail icon.

3. Enter your email address and password.

4. Click on "Login".

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How to configure Gmail in Apple's Mail application

Gmail is one of the major e-mail services that are configured on the iOS Mail application. IMAP is used to receive email, but due to the lack of standard configuration of Google and the lack of specific support from Apple for that non-standard configuration, you will not get push mail and will not have access to the stars and etiqueas, among other features of Gmail . Unfortunately, neither includes a self-synchronization of contacts, so this aspect must be configured separately.

However, having Gmail included in the unified inbox will be very convenient if you use other email other than Gmail, such as iCloud or some of the work.

Let's see how to configure Gmail account in Apple Mail:

1. Launch the application "Settings" on your home screen.

2. Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

3. Click "Add Account".

4. Click on Gmail.

5. Enter your name, email address of Gmail, password and a name (such as Gmail, staff or any other account you remember that you are setting).

6. Select which services you want to sync (Mail, Calendar, Notes).

7. Click "Save".

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How to set up synchronization of Gmail contacts with CardDAV

To set up synchronization of contacts, repeat the same process with a slight change in the configuration:

1. Click "Add Account" again.

2. Click "Other".

3. Click "Add CardDAV Account".

4. In the "Server" field type "".

5. Enter your e-mail account such as Gmail username.

6. Enter password for the email account.

7. Enter a description, such as "Gmail Contacts".

8. Click "Next".

We got it. Now your Gmail contacts sync to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

gmail carddav setup screens2 368x650 Cómo Configurar Gmail en tu iPad, iPhone o iPod Touch

And here our little tutorial today, whom we have taught to set up your Gmail account on your iOS device.

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