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Concept of rapid adjustments in iOS 7 for iPhone 5 [Video]

André Luis Moreira, an animator who shares a name with a Brazilian football player, published a few days ago a video of a concept for iOS 7 that contains some amazing features. Note that this is a concept created with Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere. Yesterday, Moreira released an updated version of the video in the forums of The Verge, which whatever with improvements in the original design and it has been resized for 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5.

iOS 7 concept 356x650 Concepto de Ajustes Rápidos en iOS 7 para el iPhone 5 [Vídeo]

Concept of quick adjustments could include iOS 7 as an animator graphic

First of all, let's see the video you made Moreira:

The animation focuses on three main concepts to improve iOS: Quick Settings (a panel that collects the most used options in the configuration page), a new multitasking system (which adds a full screen preview when switching between applications) and Adjustments Dynamic (which provide shortcuts to allow users to quickly access the settings for a specific application).

The first feature that displays video, Quick Settings, will be familiar to our readers who have made the jailbreak, especially if you use tweaks like SBSettings or NCSettings. The big difference between showing the concept and popular these tweaks is that Quick Settings also integrates the music player controls in the dropdown list. The Quick Settings list is customizable and can add and arrange as you want. In the new version of the video, and l designer has endowed this new screen editing mode that can be accessed by pulling the Quick Settings panel upwards. From here you can access more configuration functions, and even choose who you want to see sliders in the Quick Settings option.

modo edicion Concepto de Ajustes Rápidos en iOS 7 para el iPhone 5 [Vídeo]

In the initial version of the concept was not possible to enter the Quick Settings from within an application, she had to leave. In the revamped version of the concept, Moreira implements the ability to access the quick settings at any time by shaking the iPhone, even when editing text. Not sure if it is the best shake gesture for this, but hey, it does its job.

agitar Concepto de Ajustes Rápidos en iOS 7 para el iPhone 5 [Vídeo]

On the App Flow, the concept shows a multitasking system like WebOS cards, as does the jailbreak tweak for Dash, although Moreira is better integrated with the native application for managing multitasking. Personally I like the concept of Moreira, would be interesting to see it implemented in a tweak.

app flow concept Concepto de Ajustes Rápidos en iOS 7 para el iPhone 5 [Vídeo]

Context menus for entering dynamic adjustments are activated by a leftward shift changer between tasks while you are inside the application. From there, you have instant access to the settings page of the application. This feature is especially useful, since the change between an application and its configuration page can be a headache, and I still have not seen any jailbreak tweak for solving it.

The video also includes other minor features, such as a password to turn off the device, which would be useful to prevent the service disable "Find my iPhone" if you steal the smartphone. Although for that if there is a tweak in Cydia now. PowerGuard is called and it costs $ 0.99. Although I must say that this would not be a surefire way to prevent theft, as it is always possible to put the iPhone in DFU mode.

What do you think the concept of Moreira? Would you like to iOS 7 implement any of these features?

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