Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Concept: iOS 7 without much 'skeumorfismo'

ios 7 game center Concepto: iOS 7 sin tanto skeumorfismo

The designer Adrian Maciburko, common in the world of concepts for Apple products, returns to introduce how would Apple applications without much "skeumorfismo", a movement that in recent years had defended only Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall, vice iOS, Apple.

With the departure of Forstall and the new position of Jonathan Ive, Apple's head of design, we can expect that the company uses stop-fashioned look that aspect has never fully engaged with our modern devices (that is what the ' skeumorfismo '). The designer Adrian Maciburko has tried to strike a balance between style skeumorfo but without recharging both, interface and other operating systems, like Windows Phone.

And these are the results in applications such as Game Center (picture that heads this article) and Notes:

iOS 7 notes Concepto: iOS 7 sin tanto skeumorfismo

According Maciburko says:

"The idea came when I tried to find a way to evolve the platform without having to make drastic changes, and you have to keep wearing an image that many iOS users can identify. I think a balance between the two could be possible. "

His argument makes sense, yet hopefully iOS applications 7 get a better approach.

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