Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Competition will cost Dealing with 128GB iPad

If Apple takes a model fourth-generation iPad , with a storage capacity of 128 GB, more than one will put the outcry. Specifically, the competition would rather badly trying to battle in a market (the premium) that is not yet well defined.

A competition will cost to deal with the 128GB iPad

The introduction of a new iPad model with twice the capacity is more important than it seems. For starters, Apple seems to have managed to avoid leaking this model until the last moment, when he is about to leave. This is something that Tim Cook was proposed last summer, when we learn virtually everything there was to know about the iPad Mini and iPhone 5.

ipad 128 gb competencia 650x433 A la Competencia le CostarĂ¡ Lidiar con el iPad de 128 GB

But perhaps most important of this announcement is to see how Apple can change direction at any time, if circumstances are favorable. In recent months, we have seen the profit margins of the apple company declined, as most consumers stopped buying a fourth-generation iPad to pull an iPad Mini.

However, when it seemed that Apple was going to settle for lower margins in return to reach more buyers, and will announce an iPad 4 with twice the capacity, it will cost much more than the 64GB model. Therefore, it will be a high-end product that is available to few pockets.

ipad 128 gb competencia 2 650x395 A la Competencia le CostarĂ¡ Lidiar con el iPad de 128 GB

In fact, it seems that the iPad in April with 128 GB capacity is geared to the business sector, where people need something that is as close as possible to a laptop, but with all the versatility of a tablet. Do any of you plan to do with this new model?

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