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Comparison between Twitter for iPhone customers

screen shot 2013 01 19 at 10 45 31 pm Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone

Today we bring you this comparison of Twitter clients. When it comes to using Twitter, there are plenty of applications to choose from. To help you make this decision easier (and save some money in the process), we compared five of the most popular Twitter clients available for iPhone.

Everyone uses Twitter for something different. The features you want are not the same as you. If you are an iPhone user for a long time or simply just enter the world of iOS for the first time this holiday season, we have an application for you. If you are an advanced user of Twitter, we discussed everything. If you just want to read your timeline and keep up with your friends, here's something for you too.


286756410es Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone Echofon for Twitter
Developer: naan studio, Inc.
Rated: 4 + stars4.5 Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone
Price: Free (Download application)

It is one of the oldest customers of this list, and his age is starting to show. It features a cleaner interface than other customers, but also lacks many of the new features of Twitter. Although it is compatible with most of the key features such as direct messages and lists, will not find support for many features for advanced users.

Has going for it is its speed. It is much faster than many other Twitter apps. Actions like reply and retweet can be achieved quickly by clicking on the avatar of a user in the timeline. Almost anything you might need to do can be accomplished quickly and without lag in just a touch or two.

In general, the speed and performance of its factors Echofon are stronger. The fundamental experience of Twitter is there, but the most advanced users will find that Echofon lacks use-oriented features.


428851691es Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone Tweetbot - A Twitter Client with Personality
Developer: Tapbots
Rated: 4 + stars4 Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone
Price: € 2.69 (Download application)

It has become one of the most popular Twitter clients on iOS, is a very robust application that is designed for maximum user satisfaction from the timeline interface customizable, has a lot of useful features, many of the which is not even used.

Features of hashtag, users, clients and key word search, support for the use of any of the lists as the main timeline, tweets translation foreign language, a gesture-based interface, integration and more.

It has the design flaw which has little room which can be used in a tweet that can inadvertently trigger some action, especially if the tweet contains a few usernames or hashtags. Tapping a tweet action opens the drawer, if you accidentally touch a hashtag, a user name, or "retweeted by" or link, you are redirected quickly to another part of the application. This looks like it would be hard to pass by chance, but that is a fairly common and many users have complained that for quite some time.

Tweetbot also has some performance issues. Tweetbot is one of the strongest competitors in the market for a reason, the developers have put a lot of time and effort to ensure that each function is useful, instead of piling on features to fill its iTunes description.

Twitter for iPhone

333903271es Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone Twitter
Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Rated: 4 + stars4.5 Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone
Price: Free (Download application)

Is the official client created by Twitter. What is the officer not mean it is the best. Twitter for iPhone looks great, runs smoothly, and has most of the major features of Twitter, but strangely omits some functionality you would expect to be there.

Twitter has done a great job designing this application. Everything is easy and fast. Twitter Cards, integrated previewing many websites and media sharing services such as YouTube, it looks great on the iPhone, and it happens to disclose action bar in the Timeline has made its way into many applications through a multitude of genres. Besides photographic filters recently added.

One of the best features of Twitter for iPhone is feeding interactions. This is something that Twitter has not allowed the integration of other applications, so it is exclusive to the official client. Interactions is a list of all your recent mentions, retweets, favorites, and on. It is a quick and easy to see when someone favorites or retweets a tweet, even if it is a very old tweet, as opposed to something like only displays statistics for the 10 most recent Tweets.

It lacks some basic functions, you can not play usernames, hashtags, or links in the main timeline. You have to play the tweet that contains the items and click on them in the detailed view of Twitter. Direct messages are also strangely removed principall interface.

For most users, Twitter for iPhone is a great choice. Many people do not need synchronization assumption or silence found in other clients and just want to read your timeline and keep up with your friends and family. It's fast, it's free, it looks great, and does exactly what they want.

Twittelator Pro

288963578es Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone Twittelator Pro - Twitter Client
Developer: Stone Design Corp
Rated: 12 + stars3 Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone
Price: € 4.49 (Download application)

A family member Twittelator designed exclusively for iOS 5 and above, specifically the integration of functions and design principles that did not exist in iOS 4. The interface is an interesting mix of columns that can change. You can also add additional columns, called "shortcuts" for any search term or list. These do not replace your main power, but is only a few meters swipes main timeline.

Without push notifications. The interface is so different from most other applications that most people either love or hate. There is no middle really much with this application. The application is fast and fluid in iPhone 5, but not earlier.


580311103es Comparación entre clientes de Twitter para iPhone May Twitterrific for Twitter
Developer: The Iconfactory
Rated: 4 +
Price: € 2.69 (Download application)

The oldest iPhone. The application has been renovated several times, always willing to try new things that nobody had ever done. Originally, this meant creating new concepts, such as threaded conversations, or even the word "Tweet" (yes, the makers of Twitterrific actually coined that term).

The main design feature is that there is no design feature. His twitter messages appear on a white or black, with hashtags, links, usernames and all highlighted. All text sizes, user photos, and even the source of the application can be changed to suit your tastes, so most aesthetically Twitterrific customizable application here.

You can choose the photo sharing service to use. The inability to choose a video upload service means you can not upload videos at all because Twitter does not support them natively in service.

No notifications. This is a big problem for many people who use Twitter regularly, but for others it may not be much of a problem. The minimalist design (and customization) is fantastic. Functionally, there are still a few more features that can be added. However, the lack of native push will be a big deal breaker for many potential customers.

And the winner is ...

All five of today's customers most popular Twitter for iPhone decomposed into its best and worst aspects.

So you win, based on the own use and the popularity of this application, Tweetbot. More customizable, convenient, fast and intuitive.

Do you agree with this decision? What elegiríais you?

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