Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CLIPSTER, the new portable speaker ION Clip-On

Today we present a new accessory ION Audio, a company of which we have already spoken several times, responsible for accessories as original as Talking Point or Icade Mobile .


This time, it is a convenient portable speaker, small and light that we carry with us everywhere.

It will connect to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via Bluetooth, and have a rechargeable battery lasting several hours. It will be available in blue, green, red and black, and will go on sale for $ 29 (about 21 €).


Include playback controls and volume to control our music without using our device, and can be attached to any item of clothing or object (backpack, bicycle ...) thanks to built-hook. Something very similar to the iPod Nano (but not display) or Shuffle (but slightly larger).

CLIPSTER will be released soon (still unknown the exact date) on the official website of ION.

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