Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clean junk files and improves the performance of your iDivice

No matter the model, no matter the storage capacity, regardless of the processor, or the amount of RAM that your iDivice has, over time we see how, little by little, our devices are becoming slow and heavy tasks previously easy to perform start to become heavy and our love for this iDivice hatred becomes starts to decrease.

But all is not lost, with a little patience, a desktop program and some recommendations, you can return it to your power and efficiency iDivice.

The first thing to understand is that our iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads are computers, and as such we must give some maintenance periodically to keep the speed at which we are accustomed.

The first recommendation is to try to turn off your device once a week and leave at least 1 minute off, this action will make your iDivice not freeze or the terrible "black pantallaso". Ever suffered because my iPhone was unresponsive, with no action would not start, just had the black screen helplessly, a reader recently told us about his iPhone and how it froze on the loading screen and not react by any medium, this is avoided by turning off your iDivice occasionally, as well liberate the computer's RAM. (By the way if something similar happens put your device in DFU mode to make it react)

I recommend the following action is to release the browser cache, since the cache is a physical part of your RAM that the browser uses to save files from Internet sites, so they can be reloaded at the user, without having to download it again Internet, so that the more saturated it, the slower it will return your iDivice. To release Safari go to Settings and select the end where the option will delete cache

Another recommendation is to remove the photos, music and apps do not need. The more crowded this your iDivice more work will have to do common tasks, so try as far as possible to debug your music collection, your apps and delete the photos you do not need, this will create storage space and you will see an improvement performance.

My last recommendation is to delete temporary files, cache apps, cokkies (I leave it to your consideration as are all the login details of your apps) and damaged music files, for this I recommend the program to iMobie Phoneclean . This program works without jailbreak our iDivices and is as simple as connecting your device, do a scan of it and clean it, three simple steps to delete these files "junk" applications that generate or otherwise bad timing with itunes. The program is completely free and works for both Windows and Mac

These are the tips that I personally use on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2, because after two years of use if she noticed a drop in performance, and these steps have seen an improvement in them. And remember that no device is eternal and eventually see a dent in your performance and if you require more programs unsuitable for their hardware so that the obsolescence technology.

I hope these tips will be useful and if you have others feel free to share.

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