Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chevrolet MyLink brings Siri TuneIn Radio and the car

Chevrolet used the CES 2013 to show the applications of Siri and TuneIn Radio operating in its vehicles in 2013. The MyLink system includes all the features you would expect in these applications, such as dictation of messages via Siri and checking calendar appointments via voice. Of course, GM wants to make sure no one is playing with your phone while driving, so the TuneIn Radio app will crash when the iPhone is connected to the car, and similarly, Siri deny certain requests that require the display of the screen like opening the browser for example.

Chevrolet MyLink Chevrolet MyLink Trae TuneIn Radio y Siri al Coche

Chevrolet MyLink connects your car with Siri

Although the initial system will be completely fine and, best of all is that GM will open its development environment through an SDK, allowing developers to create new applications iOS for Chevrolet cars. However, the GM system seems to have its own independent application ecosystem. Siri is the exception, but the rest just using your smartphone as a hotspot for mobile data access. Slacker, iheartradio, and The Weather Channel are some of the first Chevrolet partners to integrate their applications. There are lots of possibilities with this system, as with Ford's AppLink system, but GM promises that they will have APIs available for remote functions in late 2013. These APIs include starting the car, diagnostic checking of vehicles and access to location-based data.

We leave you a video from CES where you can see the system in action:

What do you think? If you are a developer and are interested in the subject can start here .

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