Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Charge the battery of iPhone using the heat as an energy source

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We started the day with an e xperimento home that goes beyond the simple curiosity to see how using heat, you can recharge electronic devices.

This requires one thermoelectric cell is capable of generating a potential difference when heat or cold is applied on it. The higher the intensity of the heat or cold, the higher the voltage generated and given that the USB provides 5 volts, that is the goal to be achieved.

What can generate both heat continuously recharge the battery to get an iPhone? The fire thus. To have it controlled, the creators of the experiment used a huge pot of coffee with metal walls for good heat conduction to the thermoelectric cell.

The next step is c ortar the USB end of the iPhone charging cable and solder the red and black wires (+5 V and ground respectively) to the cell. So we get the voltage generated by the electronic component reaches the 30-pin connection, allowing recharge the Apple phone.

Of course, this experiment is extrapolated to any device that is recharged through USB. If any of you are encouraged to create something similar like electronics and tinkering, send us photos. Of course, careful with fire.

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