Friday, January 4, 2013

Changing the operator logo without Jailbreak Using Windows

A few days ago we showed you how to change the mobile operator logo in iOS without using the Jailbreak. The problem is that the application we used in the previous article, CarrierEditor, is only for Mac, so Windows users could do the trick.

Therefore, the programmer has Lisiansky Dany stepping up and has provided a solution for Windows users.

CustomCarrierLogo Windows Cómo Cambiar el Logotipo del Operador sin Jailbreak Usando Windows

If you read the article in the CarrieEditor were using, then you'll be happy to know that the process to change the operator logo is almost identical in Windows than in Mac First, you leave a video with the process:

And here is step by step how to do it, so no one gets lost.

Step 1: Download CustomCarrierLogo , and if you like Zeppelin Logo logos can also download CarrierEditor that includes them.

Step 2: Start CustomCarrierLogo and click on "Let's Get Started".

Step 3: Identify the operator of your iPhone or iPad going into Settings> General> About. Write the version number in the "Current Carrier Version" at the top of the application CustomCarrierLogo. For example, Carrier 13.0.

Step 4: Select the device and the name of the operator using the drop down you have under the "Current Carrier Version".

Step 5: Time to select the logos. Best of CustomCarrierLogo is that not only can select logos already created, you can create your own logo when using text. Personally I prefer the image-based logos are more striking, but it is possible to create a more or less decent logo using appropriate fonts and styles.

Step 6: CustomCarrierLogo not include logos Zeppelin, so either do your own, or extraéis descargais CarrierEditor and logos package Zeppelin.

Step 7: Once selected you please use the logos, click "Create IPCC Carrier Bundle". The program will create two files. IPCC saved to your desktop. One of them is the original and the custom one.

Step 8: Open iTunes and make sure your iOS device is connected to the computer. Select the device and open the information page of the same. Hold down Shift on your keyboard and click Restore. From the dropdown menu on the bottom right, select Setup Operator iPhone / iPad. Select the. Ipcc custom logo. Your operator information will be updated and you will see the new logo on the device. Otherwise you will have to restart your iPhone or iPad.

Step 9: To return to the original, you have to follow Step 8 but selecting. IPCC original.

What do you think? You trade the operator logo on your iPhone or iPad with these apps?

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