Monday, January 7, 2013

Case with External Battery for iPhone 5

funda con bateria iphone5 Funda con batería externa para iPhone 5

Case with Battery for iPhone 5

Through Electromedia people have received a sample of their new model with external battery case for iPhone 5. As you can see from the picture, despite being a holster with built-in battery, its design is quite thin which certainly helps keep the phone look slim. This is certainly very important, because one of the big problems that we always covers your battery is too thick, which makes the whole uncomfortable to wear.

funda con bateria iphone5 lateral Funda con batería externa para iPhone 5

Detail of the sleeve connectors

Design and Materials

The case is made ​​of PVC and is finished in elegant sheen. It covers virtually all of the iPhone so that we protect against possible falls.

At the rear of the sheath can see the external battery. As you can see in the picture above, the battery is provided with indicators to warn of the remaining battery charge. Definitely a detail that adds a touch of extra style.

The cover is provided with openings to access all buttons comfortably. Even I can connect to an external speaker if we listen to music without having to remove the case.

Battery Performance

The external battery is 2800 mAh sheath thus achieved double your battery life phone. We've tried for a couple of days and the truth is that is quite noticeable, especially if you make a large use terminal to browse the Internet or play.

Its weight is fairly light, as the battery sleeve assembly and weighs only 180 grams.

funda con bateria iphone5 trasera Funda con batería externa para iPhone 5

Rear battery cover for iPhone 5

In short we can say that is a stylish case that perfectly meets as external battery for iPhone. A level design has an attractive finish and very comfortable to the touch materials. The price of this case with external battery is € 39.95 and you can buy here .

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Also by reader News iPhone can get these products at a special discount of 4 €. You only have to enter the coupon actualidadiphone when making your purchase in Electromedia .

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