Friday, January 4, 2013

Can the iPhone Mini help Apple against Samsung?

We're squarely stuck in 2013, and the commercial and legal fight between Apple and Samsung continues strongly, but perhaps in the background after the earthquake court could comment in late summer last year.

And what I know today about if a new device, called iPhone Mini, which has been rumored in the specialized? It would, as the name suggests, a low cost iPhone and smaller than the iPhone 5. Its main objective would bring iOS and Apple's mobile ecosystem to users who have less purchasing power.

ipad mini apple samsung 11 362x350 ¿Puede el iPhone Mini ayudar a Apple contra Samsung?

Analysts say Apple could launch this cheap smartphone in 2014, next year. The idea is to combat low-end Samsung and other heavyweights of the competition, mostly Android. There is growing concern in the sector, as they have realized that the market for expensive smartphones is becoming saturated and there are not going to get much more.

As you can see in the table below, Apple Cup second place (in summer was in the third) in the list of manufacturers of smartphones, well behind Samsung. And this is mainly due to the wide range of devices available in different prices with the Koreans.

ipad mini apple samsung 2 ¿Puede el iPhone Mini ayudar a Apple contra Samsung?

What do you think? Are you an iPhone Mini sounds good for a year from now? Would it be a good move by Apple, or else they would be getting in trouble by losing its aura of style and exclusivity?

Personally, I think that launching an iPhone Mini that costs less than 300 euros (free) would be a great idea. The bitten apple company needs to attract buyers who have never tried iOS by price problems.

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