Thursday, January 17, 2013

Can iPad Sales Saving iPhone?

This week there is a rumor that has spread like wildfire through the network: the possible reduction in orders for the iPhone 5 screens in coming months. However, more cautious voices have been quick to say that this was simply a change in production companies, and that has nothing to do with the demand of the Apple smartphone.

Moreover, some analysts predicted a drastic reduction in iPad sales during the last quarter of 2012. Specifically, the amount would be 18.4 million units, slightly below estimates made this fall.

Can iPad sales save the iPhone?

What is this? Well, that could not take more iPad to stores. If the bitten apple company had been able to make more tablets for Christmas, surely they would have sold like hotcakes. It appears that the number of units available was quite low until well into the month of December.

ventas ipad salvar iphone 0 537x350 ¿Pueden las Ventas del iPad Salvar al iPhone?

Recently, we have learned that the demand of iPhone 5 has not diminished. Moreover, half of prospective smartphone buyers are willing to admit they get one of the terminals of Apple in the next three months.

In this way, we could see how the iPad could become the main source of income of the company of the bitten apple, while somewhat appeased iPhone demand. So, Apple may re-invest some of this revenue to improve the production of your smartphone.

ventas ipad salvar iphone 345x350 ¿Pueden las Ventas del iPad Salvar al iPhone?

What do you think? Are you having trouble buying an iPhone 5, despite the time that has passed since its release?

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