Friday, January 11, 2013

Blueprint 3D, a breath of fresh air very interesting

blueprint3d Blueprint 3D, un soplo de aire fresco muy interesante

When we think we've seen everything in the App Store right always comes with something new to stay speechless. And I can assure you that at least I've been pleasantly surprised with this application.

Matter of perspective

The running game has really little mystery, but it takes a while to be really fast to solve the puzzles, especially complicated. Basically is you turn the noise of pieces that we have to bring all in harmony and form a shape, something that when we have done three or four will see that is a breeze with practice.

The game features over three hundred levels, which I consider a more than enough, but best of all is that we can create our own levels taking pictures to objects that have at home, something that will allow us to technically have infinite levels and you can always add new objects and even buildings to our gallery.

Also competes

In this type of game is very easy to let go and not compete, but the truth is that it has a scoring system that we will be biting, but sometimes can become desperate to not catch a bit as valid an image that we have almost perfectly aligned , and that's precisely where it shows he still has a little room for improvement this application.

Blueprint 3D walkthrough Blueprint 3D, un soplo de aire fresco muy interesante

Another thing that people usually do in this type of game is a level close them as complicated, so the little nagging thought have given five wildcards that can be used to solve a level without having to fit the pieces, although I recommend you try to finish the levels because sooner or later end up going if we insist on them.


Keep in mind that this is a game that once three levels do not will leave us speechless, as the mechanics are always the same, but what makes I can assure you it does great. It seems a remarkably high app, especially the ability to create our own levels. Obviously can improve, but we are already faced with a product of remarkable quality that deserves toil away every one of the 89 cents it costs in the App Store.

456244246 Blueprint 3D, un soplo de aire fresco muy interesante Blueprint 3D
Developer: FDG Mobile Games GbR
Price: 0.89 euros (Download application)

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