Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beware! Thieves want your identity to Buy an iPhone

The Apple iPhone is like a gold bar with headphones for thieves. The smartphone of Cupertino is to blame for an increase in urban crime and has been the target of theft gangs. Now thieves have found a more direct way to get to your iPhone, your identity.

Identity theft is now the most current buy an iPhone and save the invoice. The key is the instant credit used by Apple to provide online financing to buy iPhone, Mac or other iOS devices. As a fraud investigator who spoke with Reuters, the typical bill of identity thieves who buy Apple is between $ 1,500 and $ 2,000.

ladrones identidad Apple ¡Cuidado! Los Ladrones Quieren tu Identidad para Comprar un iPhone

In one of the cases reviewed by the investigator, a 70-year-old New York received a bill of $ 3,300 a financing plan offered by Apple through Barclaycard U.S..

"Apparently, only applies to online shopping, and have enough answers to know how to get the loan," said Carol Stuber Reuters. The 70 year old man was the victim of identity theft on several occasions in the past two years and also had a fraud alert on credit files. Still, the instant loan was approved in 30 seconds.

According to the report, the process Apple promises instant credit approval or denial within 30 seconds through an application that is displayed. Neither Apple nor BarclayCard U.S. have responded to the report published by Reuters.

Of course, not all cases of mistaken identity involving some form of identity theft. For example, Federico Viticci, MacStories editor, feared to have become a victim of fraud based on the identification of another Federico, Federico Vittici (note the slight difference in the spelling of the last name), which seems to have used Apple refunds on their behalf.

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