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Best iPhone Apps of 2012 according AppleWeblog

The 2012 is behind us, but still very cool and it is the time when we count what has happened throughout the year, the things that have marked this year and we will remember throughout the coming months and have as a reference for further improvement.

aplicaciones iphone Mejores Apps para iPhone de 2012 segĂșn AppleWeblog

In the world Apple has been a transition year, a year of change and a year in which we have seen many new features like the new iPad mini, the MacBook Pro with Retina display or the new iPod touch colors. But 2012 was also a year of great applications.

Unofficial Our friends have created a list of those who, for them, are the best applications for iPhone games that 2012 has left us Did you take a look?

Best Apps for iPhone 2012


We can certainly consider Line as the application of the year. Has caused a stir since it began to popularize a few weeks ago and everyone sees it as the successor to WhatsApp. Function offers instant messaging, free calls using VoIP, a kind of wall where we can post our status updates, but the feature that is causing furor is the ability to send large and funny emoticons.

Google Maps

This is another of the major applications of this 2012. After Apple decided to remove Google Maps for iOS and create your own maps with the arrival of iOS 6, many users were waiting anxiously around Google Maps to iOS. He did a few weeks ago and the truth that the reception of the application has been spectacular. The new Google Maps app for iOS improves we already knew and includes exciting developments such as voice navigation or stepper using vectors to generate the maps.

Google Chrome

Google's popular browser appeared in iOS this year. The browser is receiving rave reviews and many users have adopted it on your device. It has interesting features for those who also use it on your computer, such as the ability to synchronize data either (tabs, bookmarks, browsing data ...).


Path is a social network for mobile somewhat peculiar. Here is more focused on the people we want. Path could consider as a private social network, the more "familiar".


This is one of the most spectacular task managers that can be found in the App Store. His minimalist and simple design make it an extremely attractive application that perfectly fulfills its function: to organize lists, without any pretensions.


It is one of the managers of tasks suited to the popular GTD methodology that can be found in the App Store. Available for iPad, iPhone and Mac and since 2012 includes synchronization service in the cloud, so we can always have our data nearly automatically synchronized.

Wunderlist 2

It is another great task management apps available for iPhone, but in this case there is also version for iPad, Mac and other platforms outside of Apple. Account are cloud sync, Facebook integration, push notifications and the ability to share lists with others.

Day One

Day One could consider as a digital diary. A place to go scoring all our ideas, thoughts or just what we have done throughout the day. Synchronization has versions for iPad and Mac, support for Dropbox and iCloud.


A great tool to help us consume less of our rate MB of mobile data. Ideal for people who do not have a fee for unlimited or still being unlimited speed reduces to overcome a certain amount of MB transferred. Onavo is responsible (completely transparent) to compress the data we send and receive media to save up to 60% of traffic throughout the month.


Throughout the day it is customary to pass in front of our eyes many items that may interest us but we can not read at the time. Readability allows us to store and organize them to read later. It features cloud sync, so we can save links from iPhone and then watch them directly on a computer or other devices.


The iPhone camera is pretty good, but thanks to photo editing applications can get a little more game. Fotor is an application that has seemed this year and wants to compete directly with the big Camera +. Includes plenty of tools to improve the quality of our pictures and also to edit and give a different touch thanks to the filters and effects.

After Focus

A great photo application that allows us to choose any photos you want that area which is in focus and blurred. It also allows use effects to improve the quality of the photos.


A news application that suits our tastes, thanks to integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, plus get information from our normal application use. Given the huge amount of news flowing throughout the day, an extremely useful application.


Another of those applications to store links that can not read at a given time and we want to keep for later. It has cloud sync and there Mac version and other platforms, in addition to the possibility of direct access from any web browser.


The agenda for the iPhone is out dated, but Cobook is an application that solves this problem. Cobook is a calendar application that integrates with our social networks and shows us more information of our contacts. Profile picture, birthday, followers, including their latest status updates.


The calendar application that includes iOS default is sufficient for most people, but for some it may not be expected. Fantastical is a calendar application that improves management of invitations or weekly display and the like.


This is possibly the best translation application that can find for iPhone. Currently has support for 15 languages. Have a nice interface and a search system that allows for easy results as quickly and accurately as possible.


An application of travel and photography really interesting. Trevi is able to analyze the photos stored on our reel and organize them according to the place they were taken in groups, so we will have a "photographic travel diary" the sea of ​​interesting.


Television commercials are a nuisance in most cases, and the televisions in Spain abuse too and show too many commercials. Duck is an application that can help us to continue a program and to do other things during commercial breaks, as it will be able to tell us a few seconds before the end of the ad so we can return to the channel and not miss anything.


A good way to discover new apps from the App Store. With Kinetik can see that applications are more popular in store for other countries and also that applications are most valued by our friends. Also within Kinetik can create a wish list of applications they want to have.

Best iPhone Games of 2012


A somewhat different game, a game where you have to let your imagination and resolve all the evidence presented to us through it. By the time the title is available only in English and do not know if you ever reach other languages.

Ski Safari

In Ski Safari are a skier will have to escape from an avalanche by pirouettes and the invaluable help of penguins, eagles and even a yeti to achieve the highest possible speed and the snow did not catch.

Minigore 2

In this second installment of the game, the zombies who will not let us even a second of peace. John Gore, the game's protagonist, will have to save his daughter from the hands of Methuselah, the villain of the game.

Pocket Plans

One of those addictive games where we have to get into the skin of another person to get something later. In this case it is making an airline grow from nothing to become a benchmark for its sector. The game will be necessary to control the flight, buy aircraft, airports and build the company to be as competent as possible.

The Heist

One of those games that will make us the most estrujarnos brain. The objective is to steal a safe, but has a particular security that we make things very difficult.

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