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Best Applications for Teaching World Geography on iPad

All children, from pre-school to high school, they can use the iPad to learn more about the world around them. If your son / daughter is choking geography, a wide range of applications in the App Store that can help you teach world geography, act as reference or make learning geography in a game.

 Mejores Aplicaciones para Enseñar Geografía Mundial en el iPad

Best iPad apps that will help you teach geography to little kids

I want to show some of what we consider the best apps from the App Store to teach your children world geography. Logically we should choose an application that is appropriate for each child's age, so here's a small selection.

My Big World

Younger children will enjoy this fun application.

Barefoot World Atlas

Application with flashy graphics and interactive icons that serve for most primary and secondary school students.

National Geographic World Atlas

Application reference that we can use for older students and adults.

Google Earth for iPad

We do not forget the Google application. An essential tool to help students discover the world of all ages.

If your kids are bored with normal applications, we also have the possibility of trying to teach geography using some learning games. We have several applications in the App Store designed to entertain children while teaching them the continents, countries, locations and more.

Stack the Countries (a lot of countries)

Application for children. This application tries to teach the name, location and major events from 193 different countries, but playing.

GeoBee Challenge HD

Targeted for elementary school children, GeoBee Challenge HD is a great application for learning geography. In addition, the application for iPad using Game Center, so players can compete against their friends in skills.

Finally, we want to show an application that can help reinforce what the books say and optimize study time.

Learn Brainscape World Geography

Card-based application that helps children learn facts, maps, flags, capitals and currencies of countries. This app developers say they use "an optimized algorithm to repeat the cards with the exact pattern for maximum absorption of the brain." While this statement may be a bit exaggerated, this does not mean that it is a useful application for students.

Do not think anyone doubts the advantages of an application in front of books to teach something as geography. In the books you can not change the names of the countries immediately, while in an application only takes a small update.

We hope you enjoyed the selection. Insurance really helps our children and, why not say, well we can pull through for us when we ask.

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