Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beautiful Prototype iPhone 6 Based on the iPod Nano

Although it is believed that Apple sold over 50 million iPhones last quarter, there are still many critics who believe that the smartphone and the software running is lagging somewhat dated.

iPhone 6 Federico Ciccarese 1 466x350 Precioso Prototipo del iPhone 6 Basado en el iPod Nano

Therefore, we continue to see prototypes for new iPhone and iOS features modernized designs. In fact, just yesterday there was a new prototype that offers a design for the iPhone 6 based on the design of the iPod Nano.

These new renderings of the prototype iPhone 6 comes the famous Federico Ciccarese of CiccareseDesign. Federico has developed a number of prototypes of Apple products over the years, including some popular models on the iPad.

As usual, the futuristic design of the iPhone made by Federico is gorgeous. The design is based on the current design of the iPod Nano, and reminds me to Nokia Lumia highest range. The truth is that it seems that a smartphone would be very easy to hold and carry in your pocket.

iPhone 6 Federico Ciccarese 2 466x350 Precioso Prototipo del iPhone 6 Basado en el iPod Nano

The operating system is running on the phone is what he calls "iOSX", a combination of iOS and OS X. I just like a lot of icons that big, but I would not mind that iOS had more functionality.

That said, the truth is that this prototype looks great. Recent rumors speak of a change in the renewal cycle to bring new devices every six months, so that we could soon see a redesign of the iPhone.

What do you think of this prototype of the iPhone 6?

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