Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beats Audio CEO wanted a music subscription service from Apple

Jimmy Iovine, CEO of Interscope Beats Audio, the other day told AllThingsD that "spent three years" trying to convince Steve Jobs that Apple should launch a music subscription service streaming Spotify-style. Iovine told this anecdote while talking about their own music service to be launched shortly, Daisy, who is the musician Trent Reznor as creative director.

beats logo El CEO de Beats Audio quería un Servicio de Suscripción de Música de Apple

Beats Audio CEO Steve Jobs tried to convince Apple to launch a music subscription service

Iovine says he and Jobs met around 2000 and collaborated on several projects, but was never able to fully convince the founder of Apple that the music subscription system work. Jobs, says Iovine, remained concerned about service prices, refusing to pay what the record companies asking for their content and believed that sooner or later accept the offer made to them by Apple.

A long time ago we talked about rumors of a possible launch of a subscription service streaming music from Apple, even had a season that was thought to be imminent and that would leave in 2012. With these statements it is clear that, at least, the idea was around the head of the founder of Apple. Some think that with the increase of subscribers who are suffering as Spotify or Rdio service is only a matter of time before Apple launches its own service.

What do you think? Would you like that Apple will launch this service?

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