Thursday, January 10, 2013

AT & T finally enabled FaceTime on your data network

att facetime AT&T por fin habilita FaceTime sobre su red de datos

The telephone operator AT & T has finally fulfilled his word and as they advanced in the month of November last year, has already begun to enable video calling iOS devices on your data network. When Apple released iOS 6, the telephone operator was used to 'castrate' FaceTime and only offer it to customers who spend their new data plans (obviously more expensive).

Following pressure from their customers and the occasional threat of consumer organization, AT & T has begun to enable FaceTime among its customers. From now on you will not see that annoying as 'pop-up' informing you that you can not use FaceTime on your old data plan.

The changes have begun to be implemented gradually and not all clients have FaceTime enabled. We have already tested and the video call works again as it did in the early betas of iOS 6.

The union has strength and AT & T has lost a battle that was totally unfair. Hopefully one day do the same with the internet sharing from iPhone.

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