Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad attend the upcoming Macworld to discuss the movie "Jobs"

As you know, in recent months the American actor Ashton Kutcher is immersed in his role as Steve Jobs shooting the movie that will be released next March 2 in U.S. cinemas, entitled Jobs. The film will go over the last 30 years of life of the man who "knew how to think differently."


Both Kutcher (American Playboy, Married, The Guardian), forever remembered playing the CEO of Apple, as Josh Gad (Love and Other Drugs, 21: Blackjack), who embodies the figure of Steve Wozniak, will be responsible for carrying After the inaugural lecture of the annual Macworld / iWorld to be held later this month in San Francisco.

The event, which will take place on Thursday 31 January, will start at 9 am with a keynote by both actors, where both will share their experiences on the set of the film, which are placed on the skin of two of the most influential people in the technology industry.

So much so the impact it is having the film in recent weeks and, even more, after the statement on the presence of both actors at the annual conference in San Francisco, I just did not get the first images of the skin Kutcher Steve Jobs , resembling really amazing, but in recent times has published only a few seconds of the movie, the video is as follows:

You can see the evidence of Jobs to convince Wozniak their vision of the personal computer and the refusal of Woz in their belief that no one would want to buy a computer, Jobs responds with the phrase: "How can anyone know what want if you've never seen? "

The event MacWorld / iWorld 2013, also will feature the versatile artist and Intel technology expert Brian David Johnson, who will participate in the conference right after the actors, giving their views about technological devices currently available, the applications of the future and the role of creativity in all areas of technology.

No doubt, though it was a highly anticipated event, with the confirmation of these artists, thousands of people have pointed this day, date and time in their schedules to not miss a minute of it.


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