Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Arrangement of "Do Not Disturb" and your new business

Since morning we warned about the malfunctioning of the Do Not Disturb in our iDivices, reason to post it today was because yesterday were of loose January 1 this option worked properly.

This symptom was reported from the date January 1 in several countries and forums, so what Apple had to give an answer, and as usual they are short and sincere: "The option to schedule DND will return to normal after 7 January 2013, before then you should turn this option manually ". It's clear and without many detours, so I know what to do until then.

For those who do not know, this option was introduced in iOS 6 and its function is to silence notifications and calls on your iPhone and / or iPad. If desired, you can enable the option to call your contacts that are favorites if sound, or sound if someone calls also for the third time in less than 1 min, it remains subject to change, ie the phone even does that, it stopped working properly is the option to set automatic activation and deactivation, which personally is what most used.

Everything would have been far if not for some genius of Apple's advertising department (like knowing that this would work well) launched a commercial where "presumed" the use of this option. I think I should add in this option worked fine print at 100% after 7 January or something similar

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