Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Apple will report its financial results in few hours

apple resultados financieros Apple comunicarĂ¡ sus resultados financieros en unas horas

Now is the day that many expected. Undoubtedly, this conference Apple's financial results, which will take place from San Francisco at 2 PM (local time), is generating much excitement. In fact, we could say that this is one of the most interesting conferences in recent years. So far, analysts have always been positive with the estimated results of the company, but this time things have changed radically.

For starters, the rumors that the iPhone 5 productions iPad and retina had been cut nearly in half, punished Apple shares. Analysts say Apple has sold fewer iPhones this quarter 5 of what was expected in the beginning, so the figures are announced tomorrow will not be as good as the previous ones. You may even sales of the iPhone 5 are lower than the iPhone 4S after take four months on sale.

The iPad could bring another negative figure in the financial results conference call today, as analysts say. The iPad mini could have been the star product this Christmas, but I could have eaten the sales of its big brother: the 9.7-inch iPad.

ipads Apple comunicarĂ¡ sus resultados financieros en unas horas

But let's not forget something: before the first financial quarter of the year, Apple announced a new line of iPods Touch, iPads, Macs and the iPhone 5, so that analysts can be wrong in their forecasts are negative. In fact, recall that the estimates of analysts usually more than positive and then the moment of truth, "Apple disappoints and their stocks go down." This time may be the opposite: that the forecasts are low, then surprised Apple and its stock back up.

Nor can we forget that Christmas is the time of year with more business.

The end result, I know at 11 PM in Spain.

More information, analysts are beginning to show possible sales figures of Apple

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