Thursday, January 10, 2013

Apple will block the images uploaded to the App Store to Avoid Scams

Apple announced today at its Developers portal of the images added to the descriptions of the applications are blocked on the App Store once the application has been approved.

"As of January 9, the screenshots of the apps in iTunes Connect will be locked once your application has been approved. It can upload new screenshots when sending an update to an existing application or a new application. "

This small but important update, closes a tactic used by some developers about climbing screenshots of your applications or games to ensure that the application is approved by Apple and then replaced screenshots for other popular applications.

capturas pantalla App Store Apple Bloqueará las Imágenes Subidas a la App Store para Evitar Estafas

With this scam managed to trick people into buying fake applications with images from other games, most popular, or even games that were never ported to iOS. For example, we have the case of applying unofficial Pokemon Yellow, which was uploaded to the App Store. The application slipped through the filter of Apple through a series of screenshots of the original Nintendo game, which made thousands of people buy the application.

Several applications have managed to bypass Apple's control and use this method, including several clones of Minecraft simply used screenshots of Minecraft itself to promote a completely different game. For example, you have a video where you can see a demonstration of a Minecraft clone called "Mooncraft". Applying presumably used some screenshots to pass Apple authorization and then changed this information when I was in the App Store.

Although Apple remove these applications from the App Store quickly, rarely able to do before hundreds of people lose their money. Although before you repaid the money Apple applications that were a scam.

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