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Apple TV software suggests a new model unknown

Screen Shot 2013 01 28 at 1.10.27 PM El software de Apple TV deja entrever un nuevo modelo desconocido

Along with the release of iOS 6.1 earlier today, Apple has also released an update for the Apple TV. An update that has returned to raise all kinds of rumors and hints that the California company intends to show a new version of Apple TV in a few months or even the long awaited and rumored Apple HDTV: the Apple TV revolutionize the market .

We started talking about the new features found in the update released for the third generation of Apple TV (5.2):

  • Bluetooth keyboard support (a novelty that catches us by surprise, since a few months already leaked that Apple was working on this feature). Undoubtedly, this will improve the experience more than when navigating the device menu.
  • Up Next (tool that was introduced for the first time in November, with version 11 of iTunes).
  • Improved integration with Apple's cloud: iCloud.

Screen Shot 2013 01 28 at 1.11.19 PM El software de Apple TV deja entrever un nuevo modelo desconocido

And now for the interesting part. Within the software updates Apple TV, we have discovered a link that leads to an unknown model: it could be a reference to international models of Apple TV, as just noted the web MacRumors , or otherwise could refer a new model that will see the light in the coming weeks.

This possible "Apple TV" is outlined with Apple TV 3.2 code. In fact, you can access the download link of this software from the official website of Apple.

In March last year, Apple introduced the current model of Apple TV, the third generation, with support for 1080p and other minor improvements. We know that for Apple, this device "is no longer a hobby" because of the high sales that the company is getting. If Apple launches new Apple TV in March, then surely Apple HDTV have not until next year.

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Source- MacRumors

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