Friday, January 11, 2013

Apple tab to a director of Xerox for its financial leadership

 Apple ficha a un directivo de Xerox para su c├║pula financiera

Apple is going through a period of change in its upper echelons. In October surprised us the news of the dismissal of Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS, and the progress of others responsible for the blunder of Maps in iOS 6. This time, we have to talk about a new addition, which the media reported today The Next Web.

Apparently, Apple is trying to strengthen its financial department. Vice President Peter Oppenheimer, head of the division, has managed to bring the company to the top, but there is still much to do to maintain and even surpass record numbers.

Luca Maestri, which to date has been CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Xerox Company, will leave his position in the firm and will work for Apple later this month. Maestri has already announced his departure from Xerox officially and thanked his team gained experience in a position in which he has emphasized for several years. Now perform his duties as corporate auditor report directly to Peter Oppenheimer, who promptly informed of all tasks related to your new job.

Maestri is responsible for carrying out new financial policies that restore the California company to the top.

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Source- The Next Web

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