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Apple Store experience: when much planning ends up hurting the user

 Experiencia en Apple Store: cuando tanta planificación termina perjudicando al usuario

If anything good has the Apple Store is that your staff will try to treat you like I know you for a lifetime. Convey sense of closeness and really is a pleasure to have a conversation with any dependent but really, you know that such kindness is only used to sell something.

Well, today was one of those times that I have gone mad from the Apple Store is in the Rio Shopping Mall because I really have wasted their time and money, since the displacement drive something away from me is my city native.

It all starts with problems in my iPhone 5. For a few days, when in the position given by silent vibrate randomly without receiving notifications, calls or messages. If you just turn on the display when the phone vibrates, crossed-out bell appears as if the phone continuously commute between silence and sound so the ruling is limited to the switch on the side.

By discarding software failure, restoring and upgrading to iOS 6.0.2 without getting any improvement. The phone kept vibrating randomly gusting at times become very long. Failure is so annoying because the phone has only three weeks, I decided to go to the Apple Store to make use of the security of the terminal.

Appointment, a prerequisite

cita genius Experiencia en Apple Store: cuando tanta planificación termina perjudicando al usuario

A few days ago, a friend also had problems with its iPhone 4S. With two days to finish his assurance, came to the same Apple Store for a replacement. Once in the store, a clerk told him very politely that it was necessary to make an appointment with the Genius or otherwise, could not change the phone.

After traveling more than 60km by car, had to wait two hours until it was a free slot. It is a hassle to use warranty service, do you expect when store personnel were free but were not Genius.

As I already knew what I expected, made ​​an appointment yesterday. I do not were going to catch unsuspecting and booked at 12:30 hours today. I Appear at the store, I tell a guy who had an appointment, I asked the name and after verifying that it was on the list that came on your iPad, kindly invited me to sit on a stool at the counter. So far, "all right."

Genius is the turn of

 Experiencia en Apple Store: cuando tanta planificación termina perjudicando al usuario

After several minutes, it appears another store clerk welcomes me and asks me about my problem. I tell him what I get and try to reproduce the bug. Since it is a random vibration, not easy to get but fortunately, the iPhone 5 would not let me look bad and began to vibrate for several times for no reason.

After confirming that the fault is there, the Genius missed starts examining the accompanying cover my phone (the Belkin photo). I say it is very fair and you press the volume buttons constantly, something that could have caused this problem. I say that is impossible, the buttons can be pressed with the mobile inside the case and that all covers are tight but not be shams.

This led to a conversation of more than 15 minutes on my sleeve, constantly insisting that the failure was not the phone but the sheath that housed it. To all this, he had the phone in hand, without cover and vibrating. Not going to get away with it and even less when I used similar covers all generations of the iPhone and I have never had this problem.

Another thing I did not like anything about this dependent, his treatment was my phone. I do not like to be left resting on any surface by the tendency of aluminum to scratch so I usually leave it always on top of the cover. I know I indicated to the worker but not once ignored me, always letting the phone on the wood surface with tables of Apple Store. Luckily not scratched but if it comes to pass ...

Request replacement, it's not going well

applecare iphone5 Experiencia en Apple Store: cuando tanta planificación termina perjudicando al usuario

Since "My iPhone 5 is not faulty and the fault of the sheath that protects it when it goes in my pocket" (according to the clerk), request to use the warranty to get a new unit. Without any hindrance, the employee begins to perform a series of checks on the phone.

First, check the moisture sensors to see you have been treated properly and has not been in contact with any liquid. The second step was to send a log of your terminal diagnosis based on an iPod Touch. To do so, had to perform a series of steps in my iPhone 5 and to my surprise, certain gestures on the iOS interface did betray a incredible inexperience.

For example, access to the different options of the Settings menu by performing a double click when with just one touch. The SIM card the first sought by the left terminal loop (as viewed from the front) and it took about 30 seconds to find a way to turn off the airplane mode to connect to Wi-Fi in the store.

Me and my companion, with a look of surprise, we begin to understand many things about the 20-minute conversation that we've been to the Apple employee.

The phone is OK and proceed to change with a new drive but something happens ... no stock of my model. Are you saying you wear almost five minutes of checking and no stock? Wow ... that really hurt me in the soul after the trip that I've stuck.

icono silencio Experiencia en Apple Store: cuando tanta planificación termina perjudicando al usuario

Out of curiosity, wonder if I give you a new or refurbished terminal and tells me are always new, never repaired. Again I look surprised and say that's not true, that even the refurbished are easily recognizable by its serial number. There is quiet and gives me the right to say that "refurbished are the same as a new terminal."

What it is refurbished or not is something I do not care if the phone 8 months while taking 20 days, the truth is that it is tasteful dish. Total, I finally went to the Apple Store without iPhone 5 fixed and impotence terrible to have the feeling that the staff that I have attended, has little idea and eye, not generalize because the Apple Store are people too qualified. Too bad I did not touch my receive appropriate care.

Go post longer ... I hope at least you book has served to date if you have any problems with your Apple product or to demystify that "great service offered in an Apple store" when sometimes the opposite happens and treats customers as stupid with lies or pretending that the failure of 669 euros a phone that vibrates for no reason is because of the cover.

Now I will be playing online order replacement given the inability to navigate back to the Apple Store, which leads to be without a phone at least one week and with high chances that are not able to reproduce the bug, returning and the same damaged terminal.

In the end such a protocol for planning and waste your time just a customer. Worst of all is that if instead of me going to my father who does not understand technology, is leaving the store with a bag so glad that you have sold new thinking it was the real cause of the problem.

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