Thursday, January 24, 2013

Apple sold 47.8 million iPhone during Q1 2013

resultados financieros Apple vende 47,8 millones de iPhone durante el Q1 2013

Last night we met the financial results for the first fiscal quarter of 2013 (Q1 2013). Despite analysts' forecasts and a recent disappointment alleged movements of the company, it seems that Apple has not fared too badly announcing record results summarized in 54 500 million in sales and a net profit of 13,100 million (9830 million eros).

In addition, there have been numerical data on sales of each product range, without specifying individually on each of its segment, which does not allow assessing the success of one in particular. While sales of the iPhone and iPad up like foam, the Mac and iPod are precipitated slightly. Then you have the breakdown provided by Apple:

  • IPhone sold 47.8 million (37 million in the previous period)
  • IPad sold 22.9 million (15.4 million in the previous period)
  • Mac sold 4.1 million (5.2 million in the previous period)
  • IPod sold 12.7 million (15.4 million in the previous period)

Although not bad results, analysts and investors expected bad. This has been noticed in the bag and is that Apple shares have fallen by 10%, thus losing a value of 25,000 million euros.

If Apple wants to climb up to $ 700 per share, which was a few months ago, will have to show their investors that there is a very bright future for Apple and us, too, that even if we share most of us, if we expect quality products those who have been advertising to date.

Although we are still in January, and running on the network calendars with Apple's possible plans for this year. No waste if you want to get an idea of when they could get product renewals.

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