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Apple Should Change?

Journalists, bloggers and people in general have different views on whether Apple should "change" or not. By "change" most people refer to launch a successful new product that will revolutionize the market, or changes to existing product lines.

iphone 5 blanco2 ¿Debería Cambiar Apple?

Apple predicting change

Michael Lopp said this in November 2012:

"The downfall of Apple will start quietly and I doubt anyone can predict when it will be. Historians will, within decades, to narrate his disappearance in an event obvious after years of free fall. And it's only "obvious" because the details are forgotten completely distorted, so everything will be more clear, fast and simple. His explanation begins with the disappearance of Steve Jobs, and chart a clear line of successive events that end up saying, "Up Here. That is all. This is when it started. "

Remarks by John Gruber last week:

"Why only Apple? Why no Samsung argues that "need" to make known something important? What Apple could suffer damage if in the next five years is only concerned increasingly refine their existing products? We are the largest technology company in the world and three major platforms (iPhone, iPad and Mac) are growing. No need to change anything. "

John Siracusa, in an interview:

"Apple needs to at least choose your next mountain to climb, even if they do so in the coming years. In 2012, Apple made ​​a splash on her entry into the world of television, but would not commit to anything. In 2013, Apple has to throw your TV or shut up forever.

Apple also should begin to diversify the iPhone line (as it did this year with the iPad Mini), beyond simply keep selling the old models. "

And finally, here are the words of Clark Goble, responding to John Gruber:

"That's the thing. Not long ago you could have said the same of Microsoft. However, ten years ago, I think the signs of decline were already beginning to be evident. Fast-forward to today, we see that PC sales are stagnating, Windows 8 is a disappointment, the tablet is a failure and Bing continues to lose millions of dollars.

With Apple signs are also there. Network services still do not work as they should and are not reliable. The design line that has lost that force Apple to cut the unnecessary. Major product lines have gone years without updates (Numbers, Pages, Keynote and iTunes, although it has been updated, has been a disappointment for everyone). Even the famous ease of use and simplicity of Apple's missing. "

As you can see, we have reviews for all tastes. Personally I understand both points of view. For a company that has always been known for his revolutionary advances and innovation, it is difficult to imagine how they could release something revolutionary in the coming years. But on the other hand, with its three main platforms growing steadily, why Apple would need to change now?.

It is possible that Apple's future is somewhere in the middle of these opinions. Apple is healthy, profitable and growing. However, there are areas that have shown they are not infallible, like services. I think it's just worry about the weaker areas of Apple, but I do not mean doom for the near future. It would be foolish to ignore these problems, as it would be absurd to think that Apple may go bankrupt next year. There are too many factors at play that attribute concerns today as the only reason that Apple "has to change". But that does not mean that you should not criticize Apple's problems, or propose better ways to solve them.

We can only hope.

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