Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apple Shares Fall by the reduced demand for iPhone 5

This week we started talking about the reduction in demand for screens for the iPhone 5. Apparently, several media have revealed that the apple company plans to sell far fewer smartphones than expected.

Obviously, the response of financial markets has been swift. For a few minutes, the value of shares in Apple stock has been below $ 500 this morning. It is the first time in the last 12 months we see such low values ​​for the shares of the company with the highest market capitalization in the world.

The precipitous drop in Apple shares

This means a reduction of almost 26 percent since the stratospheric figure of 705 per share was reached in September, in the weeks surrounding the launch of the iPhone 5 . However, as many of you know, the value has continued to fall during the fall and winter so far.

apple baja valor bolsa 650x340 Las Acciones de Apple Caen por la Reducción en la Demanda de iPhone 5

Its rivals, meanwhile, enjoy this. For example, Samsung has given this morning's figure of 100 million smartphones Galaxy S range since its launch in May 2010. This figure of course we have to applaud.

Next week, the bitten apple company announced its quarterly earnings. Besides that, many analysts expect a big change or a big announcement from Apple during the first months of 2013. Otherwise, their actions may continue falling precipitously.

Much of the blame for the decline in the shares may be due to the bottleneck that exists in making the iPhone 5, in their high price, or failures that have Siri and Apple Maps. Of course, things are not like anything the consumer and the Californian company which we had become accustomed.

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