Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apple removed the application '500px 'by complaints from some users

Screen Shot 2013 01 22 at 6.11.51 PM Apple retira la aplicaciĆ³n 500px por quejas de algunos usuarios

After giving notice to the officials of the company, Apple has removed today from the App Store application '500px ', through which people around the world can share their photographic work. Apple's decision has been widely criticized in the early hours and from 500px neither knew exactly what had violated policy for your application to be withdrawn completely. Also responsible for 500px claimed that "its implementation still available on Android devices, with no problem."

Finally, since Apple have spoken and have confirmed that the application has been withdrawn by showing pornographic images directly. And what is worse, some users have complained to Apple claiming to have seen accounts that showed child pornography. This is the statement from Apple:

"The application was removed from the App Store to show images and pornographic material, which is a clear violation of our terms. We have also received complaints from our customers about possible cases of child pornography. We asked the developer to implement safe filters with the objective of preventing to display pornographic images and applied ".

As a director of 500px, have never received a single complaint that on its platform pornography existed since, otherwise, would have reported to the appropriate authorities immediately.

Source- The Verge

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