Sunday, January 27, 2013

Apple Releases Fifth Beta of iOS 6.1 for Developers

Yesterday Apple released the fifth beta version of iOS 6.1 to developers, continuing the testing phase of the mobile operating system that will bring users new features, including enhanced and some maps also improved integration with Siri, when it launches in late this year.

beta iOS 61 Apple Publica la Quinta Beta de iOS 6.1 para los Desarrolladores

Will this fifth last Beta before the Golden Master version of iOS 6.1?

While rumors claim that Apple will soon release the Golden Master version of iOS 6.1 beta to developers provided yesterday is not the final version that traditionally announces an imminent public launch.

Apple made available to developers the first beta of iOS 6.1 in November 2012, two months after the iOS device users had access to iOS 6. The upgrade comes with a number of completely new features, including a redesign of the Maps application, built-in integration with Facebook, changes in photo gallery and Passbook, among others.

Previous betas revealed that iOS 6.1 will provide a better framework for maps that allow users to search for locations based maps and points of interest in a natural language. In an example given by a developer with access to the beta, a search for "coffee" returned the location and information for the nearest cafe.

The latest beta version has been released more than a month after the fourth beta of iOS 6.1 that came in mid-December with new versions of the software development and XCode Apple TV.

Developers can access the fifth beta of iOS 6.1 through the website for Apple developers.

Flash: Some sources indicate that this beta acts as Golden Master version, which means you can install it without any developer account.

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