Monday, January 14, 2013

Apple reduces the order of the components of the iPhone 5 to its suppliers for a possible decline in demand

We get fun facts about the manufacturing process of the mobile terminal flagship Apple. A few hours ago, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal , made ​​public in a story asserting that Apple is limiting orders to component suppliers of iPhone 5.

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Among the components that are seeing reduced orders, are mainly terminal screens. There are no specific data on the reasons that led to this decision, but clearly due to an unexpected drop in demand for the smartphone.

The newspaper estadounidens, made the news public in this way:

"Apple Inc. AAPL -0.61% has decreased the demand for components for the iPhone 5 due to weaker demand than expected", say sources close.

"Orders for iPhone 5 screen for the months January to March have declined drastically to half of what the company had planned."

This decline in demand terminal can cater to various factors, not just economic might of society, but the giants Google and, especially, Samsung, comes stomping past, especially a few months, with its reference terminal Samsung Galaxy SIII. In this regard, it has recently been reported to have sold more than 100 million terminal range of Samsung Galaxy S.

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However, not only the Wall Street Journal have echoed that sources close to present such a decline in orders, but yesterday, the people of Reuters , based on various sources, corroborated this event, saying it following:

"Apple has contacted suppliers Japan Display Inc., Sharp Corp and South Korean company LG Display Co. Ltd. to reduce the shipment of components, lowering the initial plan to supply 65 million units for the current quarter" the newspaper said Japanese .

Maybe it's too soon for Apple to have problems about their demands expected for the iPhone 5, due to the short time he has standardized terminal shipments after the typical initial problems regarding delivery times to customers.

Rumors and output within months of a low-end iPhone, an iPad Mini with Retina display, or iPad in the renewal of its original size, although obviously you have to catch them with tweezers, not remain indifferent to any that love every one of these products, especially with the ever and recently missed secret that made us be in suspense until the last second with legendary performances, the Cupertino-based company.


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