Monday, January 14, 2013

Apple reduced orders for iPhone 5 components

interior iPhone5 Apple reduce los pedidos de componentes del iPhone 5

Apple has reduced orders for iPhone 5 components due to a decline in demand and despite all that he had in the early days of launching the phone in the world.

As cited by the Wall Street Journal, the demand for the iPhone 5 could have been reduced to about half. The source is "people familirizadas with the subject" and the reasons are reduced screens orders to suppliers, reducing it would come down to almost half.

Displays orders for the iPhone 5 that Apple made ​​to the January-March quarter, for example, have been reduced to almost half of what the company had previously planned to request. The Cupertino, California, also has reduced orders for other components of screens, according to what the source says.

Providers were notified apparently reducing components late last month, which suggests that sales of the iPhone 5 might not have been as strong as expected.

Has recently emerged a rumor that Apple is working on an iPhone cheaper that would target emerging markets, where the high-end device is difficult for many to afford, but was flatly denied by the company, that would be so only focused on the future iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

Are you preparing Apple and a new model of iPhone for a launch closer than expected?

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Source - Wall Street Journal

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